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Aug 16, 2014

obscure sensuality

come as you are by Mert & Marcus
W Magazine September 2013

Aug 13, 2014

derfelict factories

& the industrial aesthetic
photography by David Lynch

Untitled, late 1980s/early 1990s

Untitled, 2000

Such shapes and textures and there’s a deep mystery . . . there are a lot of parts of the factories 
that are much darker and I always say whenever there is darkness, the mind kicks in 
and creates your stories and mysteries, and it’s all in there, a beautiful world.”

Untitled, Los Angeles, 1980

"I don’t like colour. I’ve taken colour photographs in factories and sometimes they’re kind of thrilling. 
But the real factories that I love, they’re black-and-white experiences. Colour putrefies them."

ph: Michael Muller

Untitled, 2000

"It’s just all these little parts catch the light in a certain way, it’s such a thrill. 
Beyond the beyond."

Untitled, 2000

Untitled (England), late 1980s/early 1990s

the look

Lauren Bacall (1924 - 2014)

Aug 4, 2014


The Enclave, Congo, 2012 by Richard Mosse

Free People 2013 by Anna Palma

Come Out (1966), North Kivu, Eastern Congo, 2011
by Richard Mosse

Jul 12, 2014


photography by Stéphane Coutelle
Sisters 1989

Beri Smither 1991

Paris 2010

Faye 2010

New York 2011

Camellia Clouse 1998

Paris 2011

Vivien 2012
(source: here)

Jul 11, 2014